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kawat las Magna 303 Gold
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kawat las Magna 303 Gold

Magna 303 Gold Ferrite Balanced Super-Strength
Non-Cracking Alloy for All Steels takes the guesswork out
of maintenance welding.
• Magna 303 Gold welds any dissimilar steel combinations.
• Magna 303 Gold is ideal for all-position repairs of worn
parts and as an underlay for hardfacing.
• Magna 303 Gold provides special "lonised Arc Transfer"
that drastically reduces spatter and electrode overheating,
especially on small AC machines.
• Magna 303 Gold gives a deposit efficiency that is 20-25%
higher than ordinary electrodes.
• Magna 303 Gold is coated with a special flux formulation
that eliminates slag interference in horizontal fillets.

Magna 303 Gold is the superior alloy for all steels that:
• Provides excellent corrosion resistance.
• No undercutting, overlapping or piling up.
• Provides a smooth, regular well-formed bead.
• Uniform in cross-section.

Magna 303 Gold (for AC & DC) provides welds of excellent
quality on the following metals:
• Spring Steel • Manganese Steel
• High-Carbon Steel • Vanadium Spring Steel
• Stainless Steel • Tool and Die Steel
• Sulphur-Bearing Steel • Cast Steel
• Galvanized Steel • Shock-Resisting Steel

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