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Kawat Las Magna 303 TIG
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Kawat Las Magna 303 TIG

Magna 303 TIG Super-Strength Non-Cracking Alloy for All Steels takes the guesswork out of maintenance welding.

• Magna 303 TIG welds all steels, including mild steel,
medium and high-carbon steel, spring steel, tool steel,
manganese steel and stainless steel.
• Magna 303 TIG is the superior alloy that also joins
dissimilar steels, enabling its cost-efficient use in countless
• Magna 303 TIG provides high-strength machinable and
work hardened welds that resist fatigue, high shock and


Magna 303 TIG is the superior alloy for all steels that:
• Provides exceptional crack resistance.
• Provides excellent corrosion resistance.
• Provides outstanding heat resistance

USE FOR Use MAGNA 303 TIG for:

Spring Steel                 Manganese Steel
High-Carbon Steel       Vanadium Spring Steel
Stainless Steel              Tool and Die Steel
Sulphur-Bearing          Steel Cast Steel
Galvanized steel          Shock-Resisting Steel

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